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Facility Services
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Having the ability to scale up or down based exactly on our need is key. We have to give a normal staffing agency weeks of lead time to find what we get through BlueCrew immediately. Also Hours tracking! We don’t have to spend any time with paper timesheets.
Kendra, Operations Team
With large numbers of workers, it was really hard to keep track of whom you want back and who didn’t work out [with regular temp agencies]. It's challenging when there are more than 40 - 50 people. Having the app interface and being able to see pictures on Bluecrew really helps.
Lindsey, Distribution Center Supervisor

Facilities Services

BlueCrew has been instrumental in solving our warehousing and moving needs. They have been able to find reliable workers within a day’s notice, here in San Francisco and across the bay. We could have not have accomplished some of our huge projects without them.
Colin, Warehouse Manager

Logistics & Delivery

BlueCrew has changed the way we fill temporary positions, particularly during our peak times of business. During the Super Bowl week, BlueCrew workers played a critical role in helping us meet the high demand for wine deliveries. We now use them to address last minute staffing requirements and they always answer the call with experienced and skilled people.
Dan, General Manager

Event Staff

Other agencies are just way too slow, or can’t get us the full amount of people. It’s a huge relief to have the peace of mind that BlueCrew will deliver.
Zaid, Director of Concessions

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