Blue's Clues - Rules and FAQs

We believe that everyone should be able to work based completely on their own schedule and interests. The following policies are to ensure that BlueCrew is fair to everybody on our system, and to ensure that there are always enough jobs for everyone.


You will be immediately dismissed for:

  • Failing to show up to a job that you accept
  • You can choose as many or as few shifts as you want, but you must show up for the shifts you accept

  • Showing up to a job under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Any reports of this are grounds for immediate termination

  • Walking off a job site before the shift is over without the direct permission of the supervisor on duty
  • If you accept a shift, you must work the full shift

  • Any reports of disrespect to the supervisor, as reported by the employer or a BlueCrew Team Leader


You will be suspended for one week for:

  • Showing up late to a job, as reported by the employer or a BlueCrew Team Leader

  • Clocking in or out off-site

  • Canceling on a job that you have accepted less than 16 hours of the posted start time

  • Any reports of poor performance on the job, as reported by the employer or a BlueCrew Team Leader


  1. Complete your profile
  2. Download the Blue Crew app for iPhone or Android on the App Store
  3. Sign up for an Interview Session

After that, we run a background check and set you up on payroll. Once that’s complete, you can accept jobs through the app and start making money!

Background checks are handled by Checkr and can take 3-10 days. Checkr may need a picture of your ID, so check your email periodically. Once you’re cleared, you’ll get a text message and can get started.

BlueCrew offers many types of jobs including: Movers, Drivers, Forklift operators, Warehouse staff, Catering, Data Entry personnel, as well as customer service and salespeople. We offer competitive wages for all positions, and offer advancement opportunities for our our top employees.

Our jobs become available in the app as soon as companies post them. Our customers tend to post jobs either on Monday or late in the week. Keep checking the app, and make sure to accept a job before it gets filled.

Jobs are matched based on skills, experience, and location. You’ll get notifications through the app as they become available. Read carefully over the job description, location, start and end times, and make sure you can commit before accepting.

Once you accept, you’ll get a message confirming you’ve got the job, and it’ll appear on the main screen. Jobs are time-sensitive, so check them as soon as you can. If you don’t see any jobs, be patient and keep checking your app. The more jobs you complete and the higher your ratings, the earlier you get notified for jobs and the more access you get to the best ones.

If the job is filled you may be put on a waitlist. You’ll be notified if you’re needed, but feel free to accept a different job if one is available.

Job locations vary throughout the year. We partner with companies throughout the Bay Area and have jobs in San Francisco, South San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Benicia, Mountain View, Oakland, Richmond, Berkeley, Sacramento, Vallejo and expect more in the future.

Most jobs don’t have a strict dress code, but we recommend dark jeans and a button shirt. Dress professionally and keep your ratings high. If it’s a moving job, the company may provide a shirt for you on site.

Notify us immediately by cancelling through the app on the "my jobs" section. If you need to cancel a job, you must provide us with 12 hour notice or your account will be suspended for 7 days. If you do not notify us and you do not show up for the job, your account will be permanently deactivated.

When you arrive at work, hit the Clock In button in the app, and be sure to Clock Out when the job is finished. Some sites may have a separate sign in sheet. Be aware, your account will be flagged if you try to clock in or out while not at the job site, so please make sure you’re there. We do check this, and attempting to cheat the system by clocking in or out at home or on the highway is grounds for termination. Lunch is deducted automatically, so you do not need to clock out and back in. If you have any trouble or forget, please contact us through the app with the company name and what time you arrived/finished.

No. By law, you are entitled to a 30 minute break after working 5 hours. If your shift is only 6 hours, then you may elect to skip lunch, but you must send us the Lunch Break Waiver form the same day. 

Our pay period runs Monday-Sunday, and checks are mailed out the following Wednesday. Most employees receive their check on Friday, though this depends on the postal service in your area. On Monday mornings you should receive an email from us with your pay-stub and an estimation of the delivery date of the check or direct deposit. If you see any issues with your hours from that email please let us know ASAP by contacting us at

You must complete a job in order for it to be processed and allow 2 weeks for your request to be processed.  Please fill out Direct Deposit Form

Some payments may be delayed due to your location or if you haven’t clocked in/out properly. Please contact us immediately with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Company name
  • Date
  • Hours
  • Your address

Once we receive this information, payroll will follow up and resolve the issue as soon as possible

Contact Blue Crew immediately so we can put a stop on the check and re issue a replacement. Please note, there will be a $25 fee to do this. We recommend direct deposit: Direct Deposit Form

All of staff are covered under Workers Compensation Insurance. If you get hurt, please notify your supervisor and then contact us immediately.

Call HR and ask for Lavina at 415 -741-5761 and she will direct you to the appropriate care. Do not go to your own doctor as we have urgent/ non urgent care facilities that are assigned with our insurance.

On the login page click the forgot password button and it should send you an email to the account accociated with your account with a link to reset your password. Passwords are case sensitive so pay careful attention.

If you are still having issues logging in after that delete the app and re download it or update your app from the app store App Store

The BlueCrew points and promotional structure rewards hard work and reliability for everyone on the platform. If you make it to each of the levels in the image below, you become eligible for promotions which come with raises on the posted hourly wage and more responsibility on job sites (plus you can brag to your friends about your points!). Excellent performance boosts your advancement opportunities while cancellations and low ratings work against your promotion opportunities.

Promotion Points vs minus Points

Work a Shift (+5pts)

High Ratings (+5pts)

Get Favorited (+5pts)

Cancel On Short Notice (-10pts)

Late Arrivals & Low Ratings (-5pts)

> 15 Days Without Working (-10pts/week)

The first two promotions, Certified and Elite, are given automatically. For the higher level promotions (Champion and Hall of Fame) you must push the apply for promotion in you app and we will reach out to make an appointment with you. These promotions require us to do an interview and training session with you since you will have more responsibilities on job sites.
Having low points will not harm you reputation or account on BlueCrew. If your points do go down or all the way to zero you can still work for us, it will just take longer to obtain BlueCrew leadership positions. The idea is, even you decide to take over 15 days off from BlueCrew jobs, you wont lose that many points (working a weekend or two shifts will return you to your previous status).

We want to reward the team members who decide to build a career with us the opportunity to advance and grow with the company! If you decide to continue the part-time work thats awesome as well, it will just take longer to get promoted but you will still be making money and building an awesome reputation.